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Given how much some businesses are struggling here in Central Oregon we would like to do our best to help out.

We're going to be designing some shirts for this, they won't be anything fancy as we aren't really designers.

But, we would like to get this message out to all businesses to send us a message, so that we can get them a code for their business.

What we're going to do is set up 'pandemic' page where these shirts will be for sale, when ever someone buys a shirt, and uses the code for your business, we will be giving 80% of the profits from that shirt to that business. We'll only be taking what it costs us for the shirt, supplies and around a quarter of what we normally make.

Once we have a design figured out we'll know prices more concrete, but this should be around $10-12 per shirt going directly to your business. With the shirt price being $20.

Please spread this around so that any businesses who would like to take part can message us, we know a lot of service industries are really hurting right now.


Allow for a 10 day turn around.